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The Value of the Individual

The value we place on creating individualized financial and retirement plans is reflected as we listen to our clients during the financial planning process and as we present detailed, easy-to-understand recommendations.

The value of hiring a
Certified Financial Planner™ is apparent as you work together to discover your dreams, take inventory of your current financial situation, and proceed to make choices about your future.

Client Centered

The nature of what a client expects from a financial advisor has changed over the years. While we provide wealth management, retirement, and financial planning services, added value comes from the human side of the equation. At MDPresley Financial Services, we spend our time listening, defining your goals, guiding, and creating a blueprint to achieve those goals.  

Consider the benefits of hiring a CFP®

  • A Certified Financial Planner™ is a Fiduciary and must act in your best interests. 
  • We can help you set your goals, provide a roadmap to reach them, and be your guide to the special tools and strategies that can help you get there.
  • As your guide, we help our clients remain calm and collected, focused on their long-term plans, even as markets fluctuate. 
  • A CFP® professional must engage in continuing education, making them continually learning and gaining understanding.  
  • We can help you navigate significant life events such as marriage, birth, death, divorce, and receiving an inheritance.  

Life is a series of investments; make sure to invest in your future.

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